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AED Machines Offer State of the Art Defibrillation CapabilitiesHeartOn is an industry leader in the first aid defibrillation market. Their defibrillators and AED machines proven to deliver the service you need from their machines, every time. In an emergency situation, there is no time to worry about whether your AED machine will work, and with [...]

First aid manual in Australia

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Why it is Important to Find the Best First Aid ManualFirst aid can be the first step in saving a person’s life in an emergency. Having the right first aid training can mean the difference in whether someone lives or dies. Along with the proper training, have the right first aid manual on hand could [...]

Training Defibrillators, Cabinets and Trainers

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LED Battery Indicator among Definitive Features for APL Healthcare Defibrillator CabinetsBeyond our training defibrillator models, APL Healthcare also carries a number of state-of-the-art AEDs and defibrillator cabinets perfect for industrial use, either in the hospital or in a busy workplace. Recent Australian provisions have dictated that public spaces should be outfitted with defibrillator cabinets in [...]

First Aid Supplies Australia

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Healthcare Company Provides First Aid Supplies to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and BeyondFrom the caring arms of a hospital to the bustling buzz of a busy workplace, accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. APL Healthcare, one of the major providers of healthcare products in Australia, understands this fact, and provides a wide range of first aid [...]

Defibrillators Australia

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The Australian Resuscitation Council agrees: in 2006, the council demanded that defibrillators be added to the standard emergency plan of businesses throughout Australia. In other words, business owners and employers throughout the country should have defibrillators on site in the case of an emergency. But public defibrillators in Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane often end [...]

Defibrillator Australia

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APL Healthcare’s product catalog offers a range of defibrillator options to choose from. For medical education institutions, some of the most popular choices are found in our AED (or automatic external defibrillator) trainer department. AED trainers provide educational situations that teach future doctors, nurses and emergency paramedics everywhere, from Melbourne to Brisbane to Sydney, the [...]

AED (Defibrillator) - Trainers and Training for AED Products

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APL Healthcare Offers AED Trainer ProductsOne of the first steps employers should take in making an AED defibrillator a part of the workplace is in requiring employees to learn how to use it. APL Healthcare makes that step easier, providing AED trainer products designed specifically for teaching inexperienced individuals the basics of using a defibrillator. [...]

First aid trainers Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

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The Importance of Finding the Best First Aid Training Anywhere in AustraliaFirst aid training is a requirement for many service professions and is now required in many workplace environments including offices and schools. Having the right training can make all the difference when an emergency arises. With the best trainers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, [...]