APL Healthcare’s product catalog offers a range of defibrillator options to choose from. For medical education institutions, some of the most popular choices are found in our AED (or automatic external defibrillator) trainer department. AED trainers provide educational situations that teach future doctors, nurses and emergency paramedics everywhere, from Melbourne to Brisbane to Sydney, the basics of using a defibrillator.

Our AED trainer defibrillators are completely compliant with Australian and international resuscitation guidelines, meaning they are built to the same standards that our industrial-use defibrillator units are. The difference is that AED trainers are pre-configured with 10 training scenarios, using a CPR manikin to simulate several of the many cardiac arrest situations that medical professionals may encounter in their day-to-day work. AED trainers are designed to be used with a plug-in card, which uploads languages and scenarios into the device. Scenarios can therefore be changed or updated with a new plug-in card.

APL Healthcare Defibrillators Include User-Friendly Units for Businesses and Public Areas

In addition to offering defibrillators for both medical training exercises and for professional healthcare use, APL Healthcare also markets its defibrillator units to businesses and buyers in the public sector. Australian government dictates that a well-placed AED should be a part of any business’s safety precautions, alongside first aid kits and other safeguard healthcare equipment that can help to save or preserve a life in the case of an accident or emergency. A defibrillator embedded in a cabinet on the wall of a shopping mall or school can mean the difference between life and death if a customer or student collapses unexpectedly in the middle of a crowd. APL Healthcare wants to help the Australian government in assuring that, in such situations, well-made and frequently-inspected defibrillators are a part of the safety precautions for the business or building.

APL Healthcare ensures that its defibrillator units stay powered and ready to go in the case of emergency. The company does this by outfitting its defibrillators with useful battery indicators and self-testing power supply functions that help to alert maintenance staff to a necessary battery change. Too often, defibrillators are present in public spots, but useless for restarting a dying person’s heart due to insufficient charge. APL Healthcare’s defibrillator safeguards assure that batteries are changed regularly and other maintenance applied frequently.

In addition, APL Healthcare offers its trainer defibrillator to Brisbane customers and other worldwide buyers outside of the medical profession. The trainer defibrillator is inexpensive, but provides valuable lessons that any civilian would do well to learn. The ability to use a defibrillator can come in handy anywhere, and APL Healthcare wants to play its part in helping citizens of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to learn skills that may help them save a life someday.


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