AED Machines Offer State of the Art Defibrillation Capabilities

HeartOn is an industry leader in the first aid defibrillation market. Their defibrillators and AED machines proven to deliver the service you need from their machines, every time. In an emergency situation, there is no time to worry about whether your AED machine will work, and with a HeartOn AED, you will never have to.

These AED machines offer state of the art technology that allows for easy use in an emergency. Not only is your HeartOn AED guaranteed to work in any emergency situation, but it is easy to use and can be operated by anyone who has received even the most basic of training. This machine offers features such as clear operating instructions, routine self-testing, and exceptional ruggedness for guaranteed results in any conditions. You will never need to worry about the start-up potential of this AED because of nasty weather conditions; it will work in any environment. With your TGA Certified HeartOnHeartOn, you will also receive a clear instruction booklet with information regarding defibrillation and CPR. You might also want to consider purchasing a door alarmed cabinet in which to store you AED so that it remains safe and secure in your workplace.

Ensure that Your Staff are Well Trained with an XFT AED Trainer

The effectiveness of your AED equipment will depend on the level of training the user of the machine has received. It is recommended that you provide regular training opportunities for your staff frequently to ensure that everyone in the workplace is clear on how to operate the sophisticated piece of equipment. With the XFT AED Trainer you can teach emergency professional and lay people alike everything they need to know about operating AED machines. This affordably priced trainer is pre-configured with training scenarios to simulate real life emergencies and will also assist with CPR training when used on CPR manikins. Scenarios can be updated as regulations change so your trainer will never go out of date.

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