APL Healthcare Offers AED Trainer Products

One of the first steps employers should take in making an AED defibrillator a part of the workplace is in requiring employees to learn how to use it. APL Healthcare makes that step easier, providing AED trainer products designed specifically for teaching inexperienced individuals the basics of using a defibrillator. Used both in medical schools and for civilian first aid courses, APL Healthcare’s AED trainers facilitate AED familiarity and mastery of basic skills. APL’s product catalog even includes a compact AED Trainer model, which presents students with a variety of emergency situations and teaches them how to execute lifesaving maneuvers for each of them, all at a competitive low price. For employers looking to spread training for AEDs without breaking the bank, the APL Healthcare AED Trainer Compact may be the best way to go.

Once AED trainers and defibrillator courses have been provided, however, employers still must play an active role in making sure that these newly-gained skills do not go to waste. After all, training for AED use is one thing; using an AED when someone’s heart has stopped and the entire scene is chaos is another. For that reason, APL Healthcare recommends a number of user-friendly precautions.

First of all, an AED should be located in an accessible and visible location, so that an in-shock employee can easily grab it when necessary. Secondly, defibrillators demand frequent maintenance and inspection procedures to assure that they remain operational and that their electrode pads are not out of date. Laziness or unwillingness to maintain an AED renders the device useless, because no one ever knows when it is going to be needed to save a life.

Often, employers don’t like the idea of having an AED on their premises, as they believe that inappropriate or accidental use of the device can result in injury for which they themselves are liable. APL Healthcare solves that problem, with AED trainer products and full-service AEDs designed to remove the possibility of accidental or inappropriate use from the equation, and thus solve the liability problem carried by some business owners.


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