APL Healthcare Offers Asthma Spacers to Asthma Sufferers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Other Australian Cities

Few things are worse, especially when it comes to our children, than asthma. While asthma rarely proves to be lethal, the narrowing of the airwaves caused by the disorder can be an irritation at best and an immense scare at worst. Children who suffer from the condition often panic during an asthma attack, which only makes everything worse. And while inhalers help to apply medication to the lungs and keep the symptoms of asthma in check, many prescribed inhaler devices are flawed in design, delivering as much steroid medication to the mouth and throat as to effected areas in the lungs.

APL Healthcare, a respected brand for medical products in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and throughout the majority of Australia, recognises the flaw in traditional asthma inhalers or puffers. The solution for the problems caused by typical inhalers is an asthma spacer. Designed with a longer chamber tube to assure that medication is inhaled more evenly, asthma spacers are considered by the specialists at APL Healthcare to be a superior method for treating asthmatic conditions.

Of course, asthma spacers are not wholly separate from inhalers. Often, a spacer is an add-on to a puffer that, as its name suggests, adds extra tubular space between where the actual steroid medication is stored in the inhaler canister and where the medication enters the patient’s mouth. A facemask makes sure this tube still delivers a full dose of medication to the patient.

Asthma Spacers Make Life Easier for Asthma Sufferers

But why does APL Healthcare advocate for the use of asthma spacers throughout Sydney and in other Australian markets? Quite simply, the product, while bulkier than a simple pocket puffer, adds advantages that asthma sufferers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the rest of Australia and all over the world will almost certainly appreciate.

Because asthma spacers slow down the speed of the medication coming out of the inhaler, and since they spread the steroid out over a wider space before letting it enter a patient’s mouth, more of the drug can reach the lungs. This factor in turn allows for smaller doses to elicit a significant impact of the drug on asthmatic symptoms, which itself in turn means that patients are going through the drug at a less rapid clip and saving money and time on refilling the prescription along the way.

In addition, asthma spacers, since they assure that more inhaled medication is making its way to the lungs, result in fewer of the uncomfortable side effects that many asthma sufferers often deal with because of their inhalers. From irritations of the mouth to elevations in heart rate and frightening body tremors, the extreme dose of steroids required to make most inhalers effective leads to numerous negative impacts. While inhalers also allow airways to remain open in the lungs, asthma sufferers still have to deal with the trade-off of uncomfortable side effects. Asthma spacers, by delivering the drug more effectively and lowering the dose, help to curb such side effects.

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