Rescue Manikins and Nursing Care Manikins Add to Medical Training Procedures

As the largest provider of medical care products in Australia, APL Healthcare is often called upon to deliver solutions for the ambulance and the emergency room alike. There’s a reason: the experts at APL Healthcare bring 200 years of collective professional experience to the table in a wide range of medical pursuits. The APL team prides itself on offering peerless customer service to medical professionals of all types, with a comprehensive and easy-to-use online product store and a hotline with expert staff that can answer questions related to virtually anything in the medical world, from the everyday (paramedic or hospital equipment) to the more unusual (daring helicopter rescues, for instance). It’s no surprise that healthcare professionals have learned to trust the input of APL Healthcare in everything they do.

However, before healthcare professionals could become the reputed doctors, nurses and paramedics they are today, they had to undergo years of education and training, and APL Healthcare also specialises in such early stages of career development. Rather than focusing solely on products that boast a practical use in an emergency room setting, APL Healthcare has built a large percentage of its reputation on its ability to offer healthcare simulation and rescue training products as well. In short, APL Healthcare gives medical schools and hospital training programs the resources they need to turn today’s brilliant healthcare students into tomorrow’s noted life savers.

In many situations, from CPR courses to surgical training, human volunteers or cadavers are used for medical simulations. However, there are some lessons that can’t be taught with either, and that’s where APL Healthcare’s rescue manikins and nursing care manikins come into the picture. Manikins and models have been used for centuries to help advance the biological knowledge and medical prowess of healthcare professionals everywhere, and they are still used to this day.

Rescue Manikins and Nursing Care Manikins: An Introduction

APL Healthcare’s rescue and nursing care manikins are two of the company’s most valued medical simulation products. The rescue manikin is designed specifically with hazardous rescue situations in mind. Rescue procedures, whether involving helicopters, ambulances, fires or even the jaws of life, are often too risky for human volunteers to simulate and too rugged for cadavers to be of any use.

The solution is the rescue manikin, which has been developed by APL Healthcare for lifelike adult patient handling, transportation and extrication training. Since the rescue manikin boasts a durable design for tough cast vinyl and zinc-plated steel, it can last a long time and survive even the most rugged of rescue simulations, making it a cost-effective solutions for healthcare outfits looking to train new paramedic recruits.

The nursing care manikin is meant for entirely different use, focusing on resuscitation techniques rather than daring rescue missions. Often used to teach life-saving techniques for infants, the nursing care manikin is an extremely versatile medical simulation product, allowing for the practice of IV therapy, CPR, airway management, umbilical catheterisation and other important nursing methods all in one nursing care manikin.

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