Australia Healthcare Company Offers First Responder Bags, Oxygen Bags, Venipuncture Simulators and More

At APL Healthcare, Australia’s largest range of healthcare simulation, medical and rescue training products, we pride ourselves on high quality products, astoundingly personal customer service and fiercely competitive prices. We offer great products and undying support to healthcare professionals, so that they can spend less time struggling with faulty equipment and more time saving lives. Whether our products are being used by future doctors and nurses in training, on-the-scene paramedics loading a fire victim into an ambulance, or surgeons during a 12-hour procedure, APL Healthcare provides a commitment to quality that is not only preferable, but absolutely essential in the stressful and volatile tasks of lifesaving professionals.

One terrific product offered by APL Healthcare is our first responder bag. Used by active paramedics at the scene of an accident, a natural disaster or any other incident where a serious injury has occurred, first responder bags, or trauma bags, carry all of the essentials that allow a paramedic to save lives and get injury victims to the hospital before time runs out. While a paramedic can only do so much without the technological aids of a full hospital, our trauma bags are some of the largest on the market, filled with both interior and external pockets.

Size is important in a trauma bag, as it allows a paramedic to bring as many first aid kit essentials with them as possible when they head out into the field. APL Healthcare’s first responder bags were designed by the same field professionals they are meant to serve, with durability, size and accessibility that could make the difference between a life won and lost during a ten minute ambulance ride.

APL Heathcare’s oxygen bags are another one of our most popular products among paramedics and healthcare organisations as a whole. With numerous designs, shapes and sizes, hospitals have a lot to choose from when looking at our oxygen bags and other oxygen resuscitation products. However, regardless of which bags are chosen to bedeck the walls of an ambulance or to join the field arsenal of paramedics in Australia and beyond, APL Healthcare oxygen bags all have a distinction of durability that many other healthcare products don’t match. Our DELUXE oxygen bag is constructed from the strongest fabric of any oxygen carrying system. Like our first responder bags, our oxygen bags are designed by paramedics for paramedics, and the user-friendly design of the product is absolutely indicative of that fact.

Venipuncture Simulator Adds Value to Medical Training Exercises

Where our oxygen and first responder bags are designed for field use, APL Heathcare also specialises in simulation products that can be used to help train the medical professionals of tomorrow. One of those is our venipuncture simulator, a realistic arm model that gives an organic puncture feel to help future doctors and nurses get used to administering shots or taking blood. Using vinyl skin and latex veins, the APL Healthcare venipuncture simulator allows for palpation of veins at a variety of sites, including the antecubital fossa, along the forearm, and at the back the hand. It’s no surprise that many medical schools around the world rely on APL’s venipuncture simulator for key needle-related training exercises.


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