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Pressure Ulcer / Bedsore Models

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Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores or decubitus wounds, affect over one million adults every year.

The wounds can range from superficial and mildly red on the skin surface to an extremely infected, deep, open wound penetrating down to the bone with blackened or dead tissue.

These models illustrate all four wound stages and are used to give instruction on the care and cleaning of the ulcers.

The four stages include:

      • Stage 1 - Reddening, unbroken skin
      • Stage 2 - Open wound that is reddened with partial skin loss
      • Stage 3 - Deep, open wound that reaches through all layers of skin and into the muscle
      • Stage 4 - Severe, deep, open wound that reaches through all layers of skin and damages muscle, bone, tendons, and joints


    The Life/form Pressure Ulcer/Bedsore Models are made with our Life/like Skin.

    Includes four buttocks models representing each stage, four display easels, and instruction key card.

    Five-year warranty.

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