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A patient is there simply by attaching accessories.


Practicing postoperative care using a naked model is awkward.

To cope with such an opinion from the scenes of nursing practice, the postoperative care suit, which can be worn over regular clothes, was developed. The body of the suit, which is waterproof, has holes for abdominal and thoracic drainage, and is packaged with suture seals, a stoma, electrodes, a tracheal cannula, and male and female external genitalia.
various types of postoperative care can be practiced.

Various postoperative care situations are simulated.

  • Electrode•Electrode
  • Stoma•Stoma
  • Suture•Suture
  • Tracheotomy•Tracheotomy
  • Drain management•Drain management
    *Two holes for abdominal and thoracic drainage are prepared.
  • Continuous bladder catheterization•Continuous bladder catheterization

    Exchangeable parts

    • Suture seal
    • Stoma
    • Electrodes(6pieces/set)