Helping Communities and Carers to address Major Societal Issues

The Gr8 4 Life® program has been developed by John Haines for teenagers, young people and adults to learn strategies in tackling the major issues of Drugs, Alcohol, Depression and Suicide Prevention in a simple, down-to-earth, well-structured short course.

Teenagers, young people and adults face many challenges in today’s world and may not know where to find vital information or get help with issues such as drugs, alcohol, depression and suicide prevention strategies when needed.

The GR8 4 Life® program has been developed by John Haines to help communities and their carers to address these issues by providing them with a simple, down-to-earth and well-structured short course.

This program is a 1.5 hour information session undertaken by peer delivery.

Each student receives a copy of the GR8 4 Life Learner Guide which is a comprehensive useful resource covering a wide range of life-threatening topics in order to provide readers with knowledge on what to do in various serious situations, including helpful links on where to seek help.

"CACH recommend and support the GR8 4 Life program whole heartily and have no doubt that this program will assist in arming our youth and community members with information required to keep safe if not reconsider these harmful issues facing them today and into the future."

Kerry Crumblin
CEO Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health

"The GR8 4 Life program was one of the most professionally run programs
I have seen in Cunnamulla."

School Transition Officer
Cunnamulla P-12 School


Skill: How to recognise the signs when someone needs your help

Skill: How to keep you, your family and your mates safe

Skill: How to help someone that is in trouble


  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Drugs Information
  • Smoking
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Looking Out for Each Other

The program is broken down into a 1.5 hour Information peer delivered session using an interactive style covering the above topics followed by a half hour CPR training demonstration session.

So if you are a concerned parent or carer this is a unique ‘must do’ program to help you and your children to become better prepared to face life’s many challenges.

Deliver our GR8 4 LIFE Course yourself

Each course pack includes the following per student:

          • Gr8 4 Life Hard Copy Learner Guide (Pictured)
          • Student Activity Sheet
          • Student Evaluation
          • Student Certificate of Attendance

Trainer's Resources
These are delivered digitally via download link, which includes all the assets and content required to deliver this training, such as Powerpoint presentation, lesson plans, activity outlines and instructions/guides.


Minimum order of 20 course packs per purchase.

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