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LivCor's Ezivent 3000 Oxygen & Trauma Response Kit. 

The Ezivent 3000 includes: 

      • Multi Flow Oxygen Regulator - Dual HP Outlet, 
      • Adult Resuscitator With Mask (BVM), 
      • Oxygen Powered Suction Unit, 
      • Demand Valve Resuscitator NOT INCLUDED / NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
      • Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter, 
      • Adult Hudson Mask, 
      • Child Hudson Mask, 
      • Adult Jet Nebuliser Mask, 
      • Child Jet Nebuliser Mask, 
      • 2m Oxygen Tubing Extension, 
      • Yankauer Sucker, 
      • Shears, 
      • Sprague Stethoscope (Black), 
      • Erka Switch Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, 
      • Aero Instant Ice Pack (240g), 
      • OPA (Guedel) Airway set (8 sizes). 

Does not include oxygen bag or oxygen cylinder. 

Medical Oxygen Cylinders can be supplied by BOC. 
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