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Anapen Auto-Injector Trainer


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The Anapen is back on the Australian market, so it is important to practice with an Anapen training device so that you are prepared if an emergency occurs. These differ from the EpiPen you're familiar with, namely the 10 second dosage time, please visit Anapen.com.au direct for more information.

This reusable Anapen training device is used to demonstrate use on patients to students, carers, colleagues, friends and family, so they are familiar with how to administer an Anapen.

Note: Training device only. 
The Anapen adrenaline/epinephrine Auto-Injector which contains adrenaline is only available from pharmacies. We only stock the training device.

The Anapen training device does not contain adrenaline or have a needle and is reusable.

How to administer an Anapen can be viewed below:

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