Bandages for First Aid Kits

For those looking to buy bandages for first aid kits, there are several options for purchase available to you. Bandages come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of a variety of materials. The most popular bandage material is crepe because of its flexibility and ability to absorb liquids. You can find triangular as well as square bandages, or rolls for wrapping injuries. Regardless of the shape or material, every bandage you buy should be sterile and kept in the proper casing to reduce the risk of infection when applied to a wound. A sterile bandage might just very well be the most important piece of equipment in any first aid kit. When the sterility of a bandage is compromised, you increase the risk of infection, even on the slightest of wounds. Make sure all of your bandages are kept in a first aid kit when not in use, and never use the same bandage twice. They are designed to be thrown away after use, so be sure to dispose of all used bandages properly.

Another type of bandage that can be used to treat a variety of injuries is the FCP-01 bandage. Whilst you will probably not find this bandage in your average first aid kit, it is important to be aware of its availability and the proper way to use such a piece of equipment. The FCP-01 is primarily used by the military in Australia and other international branches. This bandage is capable of providing secure pressure on a wound whilst maintaining a resistance to water. The FCP-01 comes complete with a pressure applicator and closure bar for quick and easy self-application. This bandage is useful for a variety of injuries and is usually used when treating traumatic haemorrhage wounds when blood flow needs to be stopped or slowed.

Bandages for Training Purposes

In addition to bandages for use in case of an emergency, first aid trainers can also buy bandages for use in training. Because these bandages will not be used to treat actual wounds, they are made from less durable material and do not need to be kept in a sterile environment. You can find triangular and roller bandages for use in training situations.

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