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Sophisticated pediatric simulators for training in standard and advanced clinical procedures.

Realistic face, body, and fully jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

Bathing and bandaging activities.


      • soft, childlike face skin, 
      • self-molded hair, 
      • eyes open and close in realistic eye sockets for ophthalmic procedures, 
      • fully articulated head and jaw with teeth and tongue, 
      • NG and otic exercises; bends 30° at waist, 
      • jointed elbows and knees, 
      • realistic hands, feet, fingers, and toes; soft upper body skin over hard upper body, 
      • intramuscular injection sites in left and right upper thighs, 
      • TB test site; interchangeable male organ, 
      • tracheostomy opening, 
      • male and female catheterization, 
      • removable internal tanks; enema administration, 
      • neck brace, 
      • Fully jointed wrists and ankles, 
      • Comes with nylon carry bag.