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Absolutely true to detail and constantly updated, both in range of topics covered and in the depth of the medical data they contain. 3B Scientific charts are indispensable aids for study, training, teaching, and patient education.

Set of 9 includes one each of the following: 

      • Human Muculature (1001470), 
      • Human Skeleton (1001468), 
      • The Respiratory System (1001516), 
      • The Vascular System (1001528), 
      • Clinically Important Blood Vessels and Nerve Pathways (1001530), 
      • The Gastrointestinal System (1001542), 
      • Lymphatic System (1001540), 
      • Nervous System (1001586), 
      • Spinal Nerves (1001588). 

    These thickly laminated anatomical charts are printed on premium glossy (200gsm) UV resistant paper.

    The posters comes with 2 sided lamination (75 micron). All 9 posters are sized 50cm x 67cm and can be written on and wiped off with non permanent markers.

    The 75 micron lamination ensures these charts do not curl up at the edges and the UV treatment ensures these charts do not get a faded yellow color over time.