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GERi has an elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds. Complete lifelike range of motion, realistic patient positioning, and non-pinching joints - moves like a person.

Lightweight - approximately 12.7kg.

Full-size adult manikin - measures 147cm.

Overall female appearance.

Converts to male with removal of wig and attachment of male genitals.

Available in Complete & Advanced. 

Complete GERi features:

      • Normal and Cancerous Mole
      • Stage 1 Sacral Ulcer
      • Dilated and Constricted pupils
      • Reddened Skin Folds
      • Bandaging and Wound Dressing
      • Bed Baths
      • Clothing Changes
      • Denture Placement and Removal, Upper and Lower
      • Ear Canal Irrigation, Otic Drops, and Hearing Aid Placement
      • Eye Irrigation
      • Finger and Toe Manipulation with Bandaging - Flexible and Individually Molded
      • Hair Care Washing and Combing
      • Intramuscular Injection Sites: Arm, Thigh, Buttock
      • Oral and Nasal Hygiene: Lavage, Gavage, and Suctioning
      • Ostomy Care: Ileostomy and Colostomy Tissue
      • Maintenance and Appliance Application, Lavage, and Suctioning
      • Patient Positioning
      • Patient Transfer Techniques
      • Pericare
      • Tracheostomy Care, Lavage and Suctioning
      • Enema Administration — Female Only
      • Gastrostomy Procedures — Lavage and Gavage
      • Internal Fluid Reservoirs
      • Nasogastric Tube Placement
      • Pap Smears and Douching
      • Prostate Exam — Stage B
      • Urinary Catheterization — Female and uncircumcised male


Advanced GERi features:

Includes all of the main features of the Complete GERi Manikin with the addition of:

      • Left Blood Pressure Training Arm that reproduces all five Korotkoff sounds and allows the instructor to vary systolic and diastolic levels, pulse rate volume, and auscultatory gap
      • Right IV Training Arm with a shoulder intramuscular injection site featuring replaceable skin and veins that roll when palpated. Realistic flashback confirms proper needle placement
      • Simulates over 35 nursing and medical procedures
      • Standard arms with right and left shoulder intramuscular injection sites are also included
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