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XFT 120C+ AED Trainer.

Completely compliant with current ANZCOR new guidelines (100-120bpm compression rate) and pre-configured with 10 training scenarios that simulate realistic sudden cardiac arrest episodes.

Designed with a replaceable plug-in card which has been uploaded the languages and scenarios. To insert the card, the selected language and scenarios are installed. Once the Guidelines are changed, customers only need a new plug-in card to update the scenarios.

Used with a CPR Manikin, it can respond if the training pads connect firmly or not, can prompt whether the position of the electrode pads is OK or not.

Fully automatic and Semi automatic scenarios selectable.

Beeping Metronome

Uses AA Batteries (Or 240V - Adapter sold separately)

Each unit comes with:

3x sets of Adult and Child pads

1x set of Adult and Child leads

Soft Carry Case

Remote Control

Does not come with 240V Mains power adapter.