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Carefully curated kit designed for a student to untertake at home, remote or webinar skills learning and assessment for First Aid and CPR, or to simply keep their skills to respond optimal.

Learn or practice at home to improve your technique to ensure quality CPR is always achieved.

Featuring the new Mini-Anne inflatable CPR manikin from Laerdal in adult specification,  plus other items relevant and required for skills assessment for Nationally Recognised units in First Aid and CPR.

This variant contains the new Anapen anaphylaxis training device. All relevant items  are individually wrapped and sealed for hygeine safety.

Add an EpiTrainer for coverage of both devices for anaphylaxis you may encounter in public in Australia.

Each Pack Contains:

      • 1x Mini-Anne inflatable adult CPR Manikin and accessories
      • 1x Mini-Baby inflatable infant CPR Manikin and accessories
      • 1x XFT Mini D-0009 AED Trainer (AA batteries not included)
      • 1x AERO placebo asthma inhaler
      • 1x Asthma spacer (disposable cardboard fold)
      • 1x Epipen training device
      • 1x Emergency mylar blanket
      • 1x AERO manikin cleansing wipe
      • 1x AERO sterile gauze swab
      • 1x AERO 7.5cm elastic crepe roller bandage
      • 1x AERO non-woven triangular sling bandage
      • 1x AERO nitrile powder-free gloves pair (Large)
      • 1x AERO Eyewash/Saline solution ampoule
      • 2x LivCor CPR face-shield keyrings