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eBook Digital Learner Guide. 

2021 Release | Edition 21. 
For use delivering HLTAID011 Provide First Aid and HLTAID010 Provide basic emergency life support. 

Featuring over 30 videos throughout the text using QR code technology, this book also becomes a video library making learning more enjoyable.

Author, John Haines is an ex MICA Flight Paramedic with over 30 years experience in First Aid provision and teaching and this book is seen as the book for delivery of tuition in First Aid Australia wide.

Mapped to HLTAID011 Provide First Aid (Australian Nationally Accredited unit) for compliance, this book meets ASQA audit requirements.


Downloads for assessors, answer and audits are available at:

New in Edition 21 | Summary of Changes from Edition 20

Added key points to pages 47 and 53:

  • Why full recoil is needed
  • Why chest compressions vertically are vitally import

Added key points to page 60:

  • It's important to start compressions quickly after each shock because…
  • Why it's important to minimize the pause times between compressions / shock and return to compressions…

Added information on AED maintenance and storage to page 61.

Added information on basic types of wounds to page 70. (re-organised pp67-69 to allow new content)

Page 94: improved presentation of information for management of shock and changed the image.

Page 108: added a new image, added airway management and ‘call 000’ placed early in the steps. Also moved the longer paragraph from the warning box to the body text on the previous page (107).

Added definitions and recognition for sprains and strains on page 134.

Page 207: Added the term ‘pressure immobilisation technique’ (PIT). Also moved the NOTE to RH column to help the flow of the PIT process. Also, moved bandage width to follow the word ‘broad’ and made it just 10 cm (removed 15 cm, not found in current snake bite or general first aid kits.)

Page 215. Added (large box jellyfish) under ‘Chironex Stings’ sub heading.

Pages 231 to 249: general information section restructured.

New information on:

  • WHS legislation
  • first aid codes of practice
  • first aid kits

Information on safe manual handling placed adjacent to Moving Casualties.

Revised incident report form added to page 237.

Plus many other general improvements to terminology, punctuation, images and layout