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Mini Anne Global - Inflatable CPR Manikin


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CPR Training Supplies


Mini Anne is a low cost CPR training manikin kit which includes an inflatable manikin torso model as a component of a Self Directed Learning - CPR program, for Basic Life Support (BLS) training.

The manikin's chest is capable of being compressed with audible clicker feedback on compression depth, and visible chest rise for ventilations.

Product features:

  • Inflatable manikin torso
  • Chest compressions
  • Landmarks for compression point location
  • Compression clicker for audible feedback on optimal compression depth
  • Rescue breath ventilations with visible chest rise
  • Self Directed Learning - Online CPR program


Alternative language versions:

English | English - with additional material for ERC | German | Dutch | French 

Italian | Portuguese | Spanish | Brazil | Norwegian

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