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Life Size Muscle Torso

3B Scientific


8 - 10 weeks from order


This muscle torso is designed to meet your high demands by showing the deep and superficial muscles in great anatomical detail.

With the muscle torsos extraordinary accuracy and life size presence, this muscular masterpiece is a distinctive aid for anatomic demonstrations even in large lecture halls.

The following parts can be removed from the muscle torso for detailed studies of the human anatomy and muscular system: 

      • Skull cap
      • 6-part brain
      • Eyeball with optic nerve
      • Chest/abdominal wall
      • 2-part larynx
      • 2 lungs
      • 2-part heart
      • Diaphragm
      • 2-part stomach
      • Liver with gall bladder
      • Complete intestinal tract with appendix
      • Front half of kidney
      • Half urinary bladder
      • 4 muscles

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